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A rare Indian sword
Kirach, fine hilt
Quality fighting sword

A rare Indian sword Kirach Tulwar Shamshir Khanda Firanghi fine hilt Quality fighting sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com



A fabulous example of an Indian fighting sword.

This forward curving sword known a a Kirach remains is excellent condition for its age
The large Mughal Indian hilt retains 99% of its silver covered surface. Its mellow blue patina is very pleasing to the eye and under close observation, perfectly formed engravings are seen highlighting the edges of the grip, langets and dick pommel.
Overall the sword measures 84cms tip to tip. Its blade length is 72cms from tip to the centre of the quillon block.
The blade appears to be of a native Indian forged type. Long scarf welds can be seen continuing through from the fullered spine. The blade faces will likely reveal a fine pattern welded surface if polished.
The block ricasso has a bevelled edge with a pseudo blade. Its cutting edge remains very sharp throughout its entire length as is the sharpened back edge. A narrow fuller runs below the spine and broad hollow ground fullers run th entire length of the face.
The scabbard is not without fault and is lucky to be present given how many scabbard have been lost throughout the centuries. It has several cracks and breaks throughout but remains stable. The drag is of a simple metal type with decoration or embellishment.

A very well constructed and dangerous fighting sword from India.

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