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Oman Jambiya
Rare horn hilt
Silver dress
Complete with belt

Oman Omani Saudi Jambiya Kattara Saif Rhino Rare horn hilt Silver dress Complete with belt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com



A good early 20th century Omani Jambiya, horn hilt, silver dress, complete with silver bullion threaded belt.

This Omani Jambiya stands 31cms tall in its sheath. Out it is 28cms and carries a 17cm blade.
The hilt is silver over Rhino Horn with loss to the silver strap typically found in the centre or the grip.
The blade is darkened and pitted from rust which is still active in places. It would benefit from a proper clean.
The sheath remains solid and in healthy condition. There are minor dents and losses to the silverwork being the chain links from the base to the belt and some minor wires binding the rings together. There is a large amount of old silver bullion thread woven through the mid section of the scabbard and throughout the belt, an aspect that that with present very well with minor cleaning.

Despite the obvious blade issues, this is a very desirable and collectable Middle Eastern Jambiya, something that is becoming increasingly harder to find.

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