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A very large Navaja
Robust Fightig knife
Seville, Spain 1868

A very large Navaja Robust Fightig knife Seville Spain www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A large and functional 19th century Andalusia fighting knife dated 1868.

This large Navaja with its broad leaf shaped blade, measures 47cms long open. It is 25cms long when closed and has a blade length of 22cms long which is 5cms wide.

Of classical form, this example displays all the quality traits of an effective and proud fighting knife of the day.
The large blonde horn grip slabs and brass end caps offer a very robust grip. The blade has a 5 point ratchet that locks securely in place with a simple strong back spring.
The blade is decorated to both faces. The enameled face shows floral vine motifs whilst the reverse face displays an engraved valor phrase and the date 1868.
The spine on this example is file finished, perhaps to be utilized as a flint striker.

A very good and desirable Seville Navaja with an early manufacture date, blonde horn grip slabs and red enamel within the three fullers.

With little effort, a navaja that would grade up well if desired.

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