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Tibet, late 18th early 19th century
A very long & rare Ral Gri
A very rare blade type

Tibet Tibetan sword jian dpa'dam Ral Gri Tse Psa Ke Tri 18th 19th century Chinese China A very rare blade type very large example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare Tibetan Ral Gri of exceptional proportions and balance.

This Tibetan sword measures 104.5cms long in its scabbard, 102,5cms out and carries a blade with a length of 87cms.

The blade form is known as Ral Gri, denoting the pointed tip as opposed the hatchet or oblique tip type typically found in the region. Although single edged, of particular interest is the very long blade, akin to a Chinese Jian in form and balance.
Most commonly, these Ral Gri types are a much shorter swords, typically in the 50-60cm blade length range.

The hilt and guard is is an all iron construction with a central timber grip covered in ray skin and dressed with fluted silver strips. The surfaces are chiseled in relief with the raised surfaces retaining some of the original silver covering. The pommel retains an exceptional endless knot and tassel, a later addition in antiquity.

Now lost to time, a red coral or turquoise stone set in silver would have once been present to the outer face of the pommel.

The blade is of the classical Tibetan hairpin construction with clearly defined differential laminations seen beneath the old Cosmolene covering.

The scabbard is in very good condition throughout. The timber core is dressed in stitched blade leather and dressed with fine repousse, low quality silver ends. To the upper outer face of these fittings is a lotus flower in bloom, to the base, double dragons facing a conch shell. The reverse of these fittings display a complex arrangement of floral and vine motifs that surround what also appears to be open lotus buds.

A warriors sword with a very fine balance and extremely capable blade, one that remains in very good condition for its age.

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