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A Kerambit of rare form
Lawi Ayam, circa 1900

A good complete erambit of rare form Lawi Ayam, circa 1900 Tumbok Lada koro batak Sumatra sewar kerambit Silat Large ivory hilt Strong blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare and very unusual example of a Sumatran Keramit blades knife.

This stunning little knife came to me with a small straight bladed Patanni knife type or similar size.
Its exact origins are not entirely clear to me, but at face value, given the form and the sheath type, I expect this to be from northern Sumatran regions.
The knife has a thick deeply curved blade and a hilt od finely selected timbers that have been very well carved in to a most ergonomic form, timbers which now present a rich deep glossy patina from many years of use.
Its difficult to provide accurate measurements of a knife type with a blade that curved 90 degrees, but internally, tip to tip, this measures 18.5cm across.
The blade is dangerously sharp and very robust. It is retained within a simply carved sheath that is bound in simple twisted silver wire.

A rare and highly collectable knife type.

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