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A very fine Keris Panjang
A unique example

A very fine Keris Panjang Chief Chietain blade kris Kedah Sumatra Malaysia A unique example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Ex personal collection. An exceptional Kedah keris Panjang of status.

This near pristine Chieftain's keris has been expertly made and dressed.

The choices for dress appear to be the rare and exotic kenaung timber. Coupled with the very rare wavy bezel sampir, contrasting butnut, silver strapping, and beautiful engraved silver pendokok, this makes for a very a very bold and exquisite keris.

This Keris Panjang measures 68.5cms in its dress, 65cms out and a blade length of 53cms.

The Tapak Kuda hulu, whilst overall following known forms, it does display unique engraved relief to the body that gives the appearance of more formal attire.

The blade follows known types for the region, with distinct features to the thick base, a narrow waist and a long slender body that gently widens and again tapers to a strong piercing tip.

A very rare keris type that is of a very high standard of quality and construction.

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