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Vijayanagara hooded katar
Late 16th century
A fine Wootz blade

Vijayanagara hooded katar Tanjore India Wootz antique www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good example of a Vijayanagara hooded katar, late 16th century, Southern India.

This example measures 64cms long in its sheath, 62cms out, and has a blade length of 48.5cms, being measured from the tip to the inside of the cusped arches at the front face of the hooded hand guard.
Atop of the hooded guard is a finial of a grinning demon, possibly being Yali. This hooked finial also added further defensive capabilities in that it can prevent sword strikes from travelling further towards the defenderís body. The hand is further protected by broad side guards that support the double inner grips.
The hooded guard remains strong and stable. There are two exceedingly small holes to the right side of the guard that appear to be impact points.
The finely fullered blade is supported at the hilt, top and bottom with decorative langets. This blade support may be further iconography of the mystical Yaliís trunk and tusk. The blade is in incredibly good condition for its age. It retains a full armour piercing tip and crisp fullers throughout. A clear wootz pattern can be seem throughout the blade, a pattern that would benefit from conservation.

A very fine and early sword of unusual form in a condition seldom seen in outside of museums.

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