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A fine Tboli Kampilan
Complete with original scabbard
A seldom seem weapon

A fine Tboli Kampilan Complete with original scabbard A seldom seem weapon philippines www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A seldom seen Kampilan of the Tboli people, Southern Mindanao, Philippines.

This fine example of the type measures 75cms long in its scabbard, 67.5cms out, and has a blade length of 52.5cms.

The Tboli people are famous for their incredibly detailed cast brass traditions, with each piece displaying complex motif arrangements unique to its owner.
This hilt shows the famous complex surface motifs, an integral knuckle guard and quillon hook. It is generally believed that these types with the knuckle guard may be slightly later than those without. Regardless the level of detail within is exceptional.

The blade is of the same Kampilan form as the larger types found within the Muslim tribes, only a demurer size. The type is sometimes regionally referred to as a Bangkung, which is more akin to the size of these types.
The blade's faces are for the upper half of each face, fully engraved in half circles and enclosed half circles, a design that resembles the back of a crocodile. The crocodile motif appears in the mystical t'nalak, one of the sacred ritual cloths produced by their fabled dream weavers.
The spine is engraved for the entire length is line and "X" motifs.

The original scabbard is carved and ink coloured timber faces with a flared mouth that has been bound in metal edges and broad strappings. The metal, whilst having a brass like patina, upon closer inspection it appears to be a tin like metal.
The lower half of one edge is raised which has 15 holes punched along its length. I suspect these may have once held chain links like the hilt, and perhaps may have been adorned with small brass bells as was customary on many such weapons.

Overall, a very good solid example of a rarely seen Philippine Kampilan of the Tboli people.

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