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Chinese Jian ring dao
A very hefty war sword

Chinese Jian ring dao A very hefty war sword dadao sabre www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very heavy and robust war sword, single edged dadao in Jian ring dao form, mid to late 19th century.

Overall this sword measures 83cms long and has a blade length of 57cms.

Ring dao of this form are extremely rare.
The thick diamond cross section and thick spine, along with the solid bronze block guard, make for a very weighty but efficient sword when cutting and the blades form and long hilt also make it a very practical thrusting sword. The sheer weight of this makes for a very practical defence too.

The edge remains very sharp and its steel remains very bright.
There is minor pitting near its tip and a round section of impact that has chipped the cutting edge.
This area does not look to be from a blade strike, but more from a round projectile from a musket and it looks to be quite a large bore, potentially this is the result of a conflict within the regions.

The grip remains solid and all fabric is in tact and remains in healthy condition.

A rare and very capable and functional war sword.

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