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A good Sulawesi Keris
Large desirable Hulu

A good Sulawesi Keris Large desirable gigi Hulu pusaka kris antique www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good near complete Bugis Sulawesi Keris with a large and desirable hulu.

Despite lacking the classic Sulawesi butnut, this keris presents very well.
The large tooth hulu sits within a silver pendokok with applied decorative silver motifs to the outfaces.
As can be seen within the images provided, this has a loss to one side.
Given that there is a small section of hulu that appears to have been chipped away at the junction point of the cup and hulu, it is plausible this this loss is related to conflict, perhaps a projectile impacting the hulu at this point.

The length of the keris is 41cms in its dress. Out it is 40cms and it carries a blade length of 33cms

The blade displays a high nickel content, and overall, the blade would benefit from a traditional clean to highlight the contrasting nature of the metals used.

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