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A Facon with Daga blade
Gaucho knife circa 1900
A rare combination
Hallmarked silver

A Facon with Daga blade Gaucho knife cuchilla Puņal Criollo circa 1900 A rare combination Hallmarked silver www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good solid old Gaucho fighting knife with hallmarked silver dress.

An unusual blend of Daga and Facon. Typically, when viewed unsheathed, this would be considered a Facon, however, when drawn, the blade is double edged, in Daga/Dagger style. The Daga form that is usually with a simple disc shaped guard or the rarer "U" shaped guard.

This example measures 38.5cms long in its sheath, out it is 35cms long, and has a blade length of 24cms.

The repousse dress is free from damage and shows a fine floral design to the front and rear. It does lack the timber inners that were likely present, and it is very possible that they may have once been formed for a traditional single edged blade and never placed if this blade was later fitted through breakage or choice.
The decorative belt clip is stamped guaranteed 600.

The double edged blade is very robust with little to no flex. It has a strong point and edges that appear to have been sharpened over time. The block forte is encased in a low-grade silver collar.

A good unique example of a Gaucho knife from the wide untamed frontiers of South America.

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