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A very rare Greek Dagger
17th-18th century khanjar
19th century dress
Curved Wootz blade
Fine & thick Niello silver
A stunning Ottoman example

A very rare Greek 17th 18th century dagger Khanjar Kindjal Curved Wootz blade Fine & thick Niello silver A stunning Ottoman example antique www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine example of an early Wootz Kurdish/Turkish Khanjar in 19th century Greek Ottoman dress.

Measuring 38cms long in its sheath, 35.5cms out and carrying a fine wootz blade that is just over 20cms long, this fine example of a rare knife type remains in excellent condition throughout.

The hilt displays a deep and warm rich glossy patina throughout, which is both very comfortable in hand and pleasing to the eye.

Its blade form is of a known type, typically noted at 18th century, and it is with grateful acknowledgement that I note, potentially 17th century, likely crafted in the greater Mosul region of the Middle East.

The sheath is very finely crafted in thick silver which has been decorated in relief and filled with Niello.
Within the decorative motifs of the Niello surface, to the throat section, a large panoply of arms behind large flags and a Tughra atop, one that we are unable to determine who the Tughra belongs to.
To the lower section of the sheath, or drag, there is a large cliff face scene. Atop sits several buildings, a flag pole and flag central to the image. Below, a simple signature, likely that of the master silversmith who produced this work.

The image of this cliff top fortress could be one of the many fortresses throughout Greece and the Greek isles, but to our eye, given the massive scale of the cliff presented in the image and the perspective used, along with a very narrow beach front, we believe this is representative of the Castle of Skyros, an important power centre during the Greek war of Independence, known for both finance and manpower during this pivotal time in Greek History.

A very fine, rare and complete example of an important Khanjar.

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