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Sikh fighting sword
A very fine example
Rare script to pommel
A LONG warriors sword
Sirohi district headman sword

Sikh India Indian fighting sword A very fine example Rare script to pommel A LONG warriors sword Sirohi district headman sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and large named Rajput fighting sword from the Sirohi district of Western Rajasthan.

This very long fighting sword measures 107.5cms long in its scabbard, just under 107cms long out, with a blade length 94cms long.

The large Rajput type hilt remains in near pristine condition.
It is thickly embossed with silver overlay of varying depth to all surfaces including the quillon ends and underside of the disc pommel.
Amidst these flower and vine motifs sits a central panel on the inside of the pommel that contains text that has been partially translated.
These sought-after swords with such text, usually contain one of two messages, being either religious invocations to Hindu gods and goddesses or names and localities of regional headmen or aristocrats. It is with grateful acknowledgement that what has been translated points to the later.
Within the text both Sirohi and Sri Jagmal Ji have been translated. There is some mystery remaining with what hasn't been translated, but at face value, this points to a local leader bearing the same name as the famous 16th century prince Jagmal Singh and that he was the headman of the Sirohi region in Western Rajasthan. There is however another alternative to the tradition of religious or leader attributions, that is that the sword presented is also known as a "Sirohi" and that the text is one of devotion to Jagmal Singh who became the co-ruler of Sirohi in 1581.
Regardless of what further details may be found in the translation, this example is one of the better examples of the type we have had and seen over the years.
Other experts in the area of Indian arms and armour have noted that they have only seen approx 10 if these types of swords with these texts.

The long and very capable fighting blade carries the typical Indian block forte ricasso. The form is of a backsword or horseman sword, being a long single edged type with a triangular distal taper towards the cutting edge. Whilst perfectly suitable for horseback, this sword plays particularly well in the hand when on foot too. Its balance is perfect in the hand, offering a light weight feel with a long reach, and its long-sharpened back edge perfect for facilitating thrusts. Each face of the blade has a single round stamp near the tip of the langet, whist the left face has two smaller stamps in the upper fuller. It is interesting to note too, between these two stamps on the left face, it is the point of balance for the sword.

The scabbard is of the period and remains in exceptional condition throughout, with only very minor wear in come to be expected places such as the throat and drag.
the velvet covering has flecks of yellow throughout and is bound along the seams with bullion thread.

A remarkable fighting sword that has obviously been treasured for many generations.
Ex European Collection.

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