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Sumatran Keris Anak Alang Selit
A good complete old example

Sumatran Keris Kriss Kris Anak Alang Selit Malaysian Perakp Patani Terengganu Bugis blade A fine old example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A lovely little antique dress keris from Sumatra.

In its sheath, this keris measures 32cms long. Out it is just under 31cms long and has a blade length of 23cms.

This complete example has very minor loss for its age. There is a minor chip out of the dorsal peak and one petal from the silver pendokok.

The overall design is one of good proportions and design. Rich dark timbers have been used and all surfaces display a deep age patina.

The blade is a demure form of the shorter Anak Alang type. It is robust and of very well-balanced proportions.
Its surfaces retain an old dark stain favoured in the Sumatran and Malaysian regions.
A loose non-descript longitudinal pamor runs along the blade and can be clearly seen beneath the dark stained finish.

A good well priced antique Anak Alang Selit.

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