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A Korean Hwando
A rare sword type
A good near complete example

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A very rare Korean military sabre, Hwando.

Sheathed, this example is 76cms long, out 73cms, and carries a blade that is 57.5cms to the Tsuba.
A practical and robust sword, the large timber grip is bound in gilt bronze fittings and is pinned to the tang mid-grip.
The pierced bronze guard and double "Habaki" like blade collars also display traces of gilt.
The blade is gently curved and quite heavy for it's size. Original bright polish remains beneath minor peppering to its surfaces and the edge remains sharp.
The scabbard retains most of its regulation black lacquer, losses mostly around the drag and bottom edge, consistent with service use. The suspension fittings are robust, and the drag decorated with a simple pierced bronze cap, perhaps a later addition.

Overall a good example of a very rare sword, wear consistent with age and use. Of note is the absence of a locking mechanism joining the scabbard and hilt together. The scabbard lacks any evidence of ever having one, although the Tsuba like guard does have provision for such a mechanism.

Korean swords are known as being amongst some of the rarest types seen in collections and museums.
A rare find.

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