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Opi, Wetar / Kisar Islands
A very rare Timor sword
East Timor

A very rare Timor sword Opi, Wetar / Kisar Islands East Timor www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare and little-known sword type from the small Island north of Timor's Northeastern most coastline.

In it's scabbard, this Opi measures 68cms long. Out is it just under 56cms and has a blade length of 38.5cms.

The hilt is carved from a single piece of Buffalo horn which displays a deep rich old world patina and a variety of fine native design motifs to each face and the inner edge of the pommel.

All edges of the pommel are drilled for hair insert that are no longer present. Small tufts of hair are typically held in place within each hole by small plugs of timber or horn. A simple restoration of the hair could be achieved with minimal effort which would greatly enhance the presence of this well-preserved example.

The scabbard is complete with rattan binding coving the length of the timber faces. Close examination reveals the pommel end and throat are pinned, and resin set, and both ends appear to be timber, although the end maybe horn, it is very hard to ascertain under the thick old-world patina.

The blade is simply forged and of a typical profile found throughout the broader regions. It has a clipped point, good distal taper, and a robust tensile strength.

A good antique example with a very rich dark patina.

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