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A oversized Ayda Katti
A large status example of the type
Coorg weapon, 18th century
Gold "OM" plug
Refer to the Ex Robert Hales example

A oversized Ayda Katti Gold OM plug A large status example of the type Coorg weapon 18th century India Malabar Refer to the Ex Robert Hales example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An oversized Coorg war knife, Ayda Katti.

Proportionally, this example is considerably larger than the more common black horn hilted examples typically seen.
I suspect, given its size, materials and presence of the gold plug to the right face of the blade, that this example belonged to a man of status within the community.

In a straight line, tip to tip, this Ayda Katti measures 55.5cms long. The blade is 42cms to the centre of the large ivory grip. The grip itself is 12cms long, 4.5cms wide and 3.5cms thick. The pommel is 6cms x 12.5cms with the tang peened over a decorative rose gold fitting.

Historically these weapons were the most feared weapons from the Coorg district, and it is hard to get the full appreciation of just how devastating these weapons are unless handled. It is little wonder that after several confrontations with the British, that the local British administration confiscated all arms, seizing 17,295 weapons and dumping them at sea in the early 19th century, which also explains why these types are seldom seen in the market.

Page 189, figure 453 of Robert Hales Islamic Arms and Armour shows an example certainly by the hand of the same maker.

A very rare Coorg sword that would grade up well if desired.

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