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Keris, Cirebon
An early example of the type
Desirable dress

Java Keris Cirebon An early example of the type Desirable dress dapur tangguh www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine old Cirebon Keris.

In its sheath, this keris stands 50.5cms tall.
Out it is just under 47cms long and carries a blade that is 38cms long.

The carved Rakshasa hulu is free from age cracks or losses and retains a very deep glossy old world patina. The collar, or Mendak, likely a simple silver type, has been lost to time.

The blade is 9luk and shows a fine consistent pamor throughout. The blade if thin but quite robust for the size of its cross section. The base is very broad, with loss to the trunk region.

The sheath carries the rare Warangka Perahu kandas, a form believed to be linked to the Pattani Coteng Keris. It has several cracks where it meets the stem, signs of obvious repairs, but the pieces have been retained and it is complete.

A good rarely seen keris, of good age and rare features.

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