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A large Roman folder
A rare sized Italian folding knife

A rare Roman folder A large Italian folding knife Navaja www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good large example of the rare Roman folder.

Open this example measures 74cms long. Closed it is 39cms long.

Of classic form, this Italian version of the Spanish Navaja remains in very good condition throughout. As is common with these types, due to the hollow construction of the brass body, there are several dents in the tail end of the knife and two screws missing from the five that secure the back spring.

The knife is complete with all silver medallions in place which are crisp and without wear as is often found. The brass ring pull in retained and the pivot pin is in good order for its age.

A very hard to find knife type which is often associated with "Bullo" of the local township and laid to offering at shrines of worship.

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