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An exceptional Terengganu Keris
Rare Gigi pamor blade
Stunning luminous timber

An exceptional Terengganu Kedah Keris Rare Gigi pamor blade Stunning luminous timber Malay Malaysia www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Terengganu keris of exceptional quality.

This is one of the finest keris we have had the pleasure of handling.
Overall, in its sheath it measures 44cms long. Out is it 35.5cms.

Certainly the most striking feature when first seen is the stunning deeply luminous timbers and simple understated Bugis style ivory hulu and bronze pendokok.

When drawn from its sheath, it reveals a 9 luk blade that appears to be Pattani influenced in profile.
Upon closer examination an exceptional blade with a very desirable gigi (shark tooth) pamor is revealed, in what looks to be original untouched condition.

A most interesting and very attractive keris that displays a beautiful multi-cultural approach to its final form.

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