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A very fine Shield
Uganda, 19th/20th century

A very fine Shield Uganda 19th/20th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine example of a pigmented rattan woven shield, Ganda people, circa 1900.

This very fine example measures 70.5cms tall and 30.5cms wide.

These rarer shield types are usually only seen with a single raised centre lobe. Examples of these types are seen in private collection and museum collections such as the Met Museum, Accession Number: 1982.485.16.
What is rarely seen are these examples such as of a rarer sub type with dual protrusions. It is not known as to why a few were chosen to be made with dual protrusions or if they served a particular purpose.

What these shield types are known for are the very fine pigmented rattan weavings.
As can be seen from the detailed photographs provided, this example displays all those fine qualities. The use of alternating horizontal and vertical is visually striking and makes for a robust and practical defence if it was ever required. The edge of the shield is bound in a fur covered hide that has been expertly stitched to the outer edge with dark pigmented rattan.

The reverse is no less attractive. It is covered in the same alternating bindings with the long central handle bound in chequered style weaving.

A very rare and stunning shield from late 19th/early 20th century Uganda.

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