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An unusual Terrs Buckler
Oman Zanzibar shield
Polymer construction
Very robust shield

An unusual Terrs Buckler Oman Zanzibar shield Polymer construction Very robust shield www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A most unusual Terrs buckler that we know very little about.

These shield/buckler types are known throughout the horn of Africa, Zanzibar and Oman. They are the famous Terrs buckler, made from Hippopotamus hide and spun in to these extremely robust and practical fighting shield.

This example of of perfect size and form, being 23.5cms in diameter and 14cms tall.

What separates this from the normal types found, is that it is spun from a single block of polymer and the handle is cast from the same material.
One might expect such material to be of lesser practical quality but it is not. This is as equally thick, robust, practical and capable. to our eyes, made by the same craftsmen, the appearance and form is remarkable.

This anomaly leads us to questions that we just cannot answer but do have several proposals, each worthy of further research.
This does not appear to be modern work at all.
All aspects of the bronze casting of the star medallions through to shields perfect form, point to being of the period and likely early 20th century. With the developments in technologies, there followed further European trade routes and interactions, newer industrial materials became available globally.
Questions that arise are, was it intended for a great exposition? Was is intended as a political gift, was it intended to demonstrate the practical nature of such materials in a mission to provide new innovations abroad?
Perhaps it came through European competition trade from Ethiopia in to African trade routes or direct to Oman through British relationships during the de facto protectorate from 1872-1920, which makes much more sense.

A visually stunning example with a lot of interesting history to research.

Ex. Unitied Kingdom Collection.

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