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A fine Celebes Badek
Sulawesi 19th century
repousse silver dress

A fine Celebes Kris Badek Badik keris dagger knife Sulawesi 19th century repousse silver dress www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine example of an all silver repousse Badek from Sulawesi.

This beautiful dress dagger is 40cms long in its sheath, 30cms out and has a blade length of 19cms.

This example has been handed down through time in great condition for its age. It is free from major bumps, bruises or losses to the silver. It has been worn often and well cared for.
The large pistol grip is to me, one of the most ergonomic hilt types to come out of the Indonesian regions. It offers great comfort, a positive feel and potential as both a slashing or stabbing defence tool.
The silver surfaces are chased in repeated geometric designs on all faces the complex shaped hulu and the scabbard is no different, being akin to the decorative sleeves found on Sulawesi Keris.
The blade of a simple form with distal taper to the point and the cutting edge. It is absent of pamor in its current state and would benefit from a proper clean and etch to bring forth some of the lines seen beneath the surfaces of each face.

A good rare example.

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