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A fine Kedah Keris
An older Malaysian example
Fine features and materials

A fine Kedah Keris An older example Fine features and materials kris kriss keris puskaka Malay Malaysian www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and complete example of a 19th century Kedah Keris, ex personal collection.

This desirable example measures 41cms long in its sheath, out it is 39.5cms long, and has a blade length of 31.5cms.

The entire keris finish is very refined. Fine sunburst grains are found throughout the sampir, with a dark contrasting gain throughout the length of the stem. The long vertical grains do run through to the base of the sampir and it appears this entire sheath may have been carved from a single section of fine timber, or at the very least, expertly matched.

The tooth hulu has age cracks and a minor loss to the dorsal fin. It is simply carved in traditional style for thew region. Between the hulu and pendokok is a fitted section of cloth. Whilst it is unknown in the condition it is currently in, this likely held votive text on its surfaces. This is an aspect I have only seen once previously on a Sulawesi keris, where it was paper with faded markings. I do feel that with proper conservation of this fabric, further context may be added to it's history.

The blade is a strong straight blade type with fine features, a form typical for the region and a robust fighting type.

Overall, this is a very fine example of the Kedah keris. Ex personal collection.

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