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A fine Sulawesi Keris
Rare blade features
19th century

A fine Sulawesi Celebes Keris kris kriss lame Rare blade features 19th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine old Sulawesi keris with very blade features.

In its sheath, this example is 42.5cms long. Out is is 41cms. It's blade is 34cms long.

The timbers used throughout this keris, all display a very deep old world lustre and fine dark grains of old world woods. The hulu sits atop of a very made pendokok. It's surfaces are covered with applied twisted wire and panels and appears to have been gilded, or is perhaps a suassa like material due to the lack of oxidisation within the old patina.

The blade is an exceptionally well forged example, with complex characteristics and a broad round spine running through to the tip.
The method used to create this blade has served the owner well in providing an extremely light weight blade with a high tensile strength and keen razor like edges.

The Sulawesi keris are a grossly underappreciated keris type and this example is a fine type for the region.

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