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An Indian Khanda
Rare transitional hilt type
A large fighting sword

An old antique Indian Khanda Tulwar Shamshir sabre sword Rare transitional hilt type A large fighting cavalry sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A large and heavy old Khanda with a transitional basket hilt.

This unusual example measures 94.5cms long and has a blade length of 81cms.
The rare transitional hilt type is a clear marriage of the old Khanda basket hilt with strong Indo-Muslim Tulwar characteristics as seen with the Quillon block and lobes and the disc pommel and lanyard ring. Throughout the surface of this hilt are remains of gold koftgari.

The blade is extremely robust and has considerable heft to it. The forte and spine supports are integral aspects of the blade's construction, created through the chiselling and carving of the blade faces from these. The floral motif to the forte each side is a theme carried through all the gold koftgari, much which can be seen upon closer examination.
The spatulate tip is sharpened both sides and the entire length of its cutting edges are hardened and extremely sharp considering the age of this sword.

A good transitional Khanda that will grade up well with little effort.

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