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Central Asian Pesh Kabz
A rare, seldom seen form

Central Asian Karud Bukhara Russian dagger sword knife Pichoq píchak Choora Bichoq Pesh Kabz Far Northern Western frontier India www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare antique fighting knife from the Central Asian regions.

Overall this Central Asian dagger is 33.5cms long and the blade is 22.5cms from the tip to the steel bolster.

Of the handful of the type which I know of, most had larger bulbous pommels, whereas this example is by comparison slim and tapering towards the pommel. This design aspect really changes the dynamics of this knife in that it feels a lot faster and more controllable in the hand.

The grip slabs are horn, and they are finished with a brass grip strap that is riveted top and bottom. Each face shows three large pins riveting the slabs to the tang. The border of the grip slabs is inlaid with raised pins that enable a more positive grip in hand.
The foregrip is an iron bolster over a decorative brass panel, a feature most seen on the Choora from Afghanistan.

The blade is of the forward curving type with a recurve tip. The T-spine runs the full length of the blade, and the entire edge is sharp.
There is light staining to small areas of the blade and clear longitudinal forging laminations can be seen to each face.
Like most Central Asian blades, the tang protrudes through the grip strap, with this example not pierced for a wrist lanyard

A good solid and rare fighting knife from the Central Asian regions.

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