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A good complete Tenegre
Panay, Visayan sword

A good complete Tenegre Panay Visayan sword philippines kris bolo barong kampilan www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine well-kept example of the Visayan Tenegre

Personally, I see this weapon type as one of the most feared and practical examples in the Northern states. It is a very functional, quick to draw, and a well-balanced sword with devastating cutting abilities. Whilst primarily a slashing weapon, it has strong well-balanced manner for capable thrusting.

The most pleasing aspect of this example is the completeness of the sword. The horn bound sheath remains intact with only minor loss.
The large carved horn pommel is free from loss or damage, and the 48.5cms blade, whilst having a very light covering of pitting as can be seen in the discolouration of the surface, it remains very sharp with a clean bevelled cutting edge

A good complete old example of Visayan Tenegre.

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