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A unique presentation knife
First republic ranking officer
Cabatuan Philippines, cica 1900
Balaraw, Plamingko, Plumengko

A unique presentation knife dagger punal Cabatuan Philippines cica 1900 Baraw Balaraw Plamingko Plumengko First republic Moro Luzon Kampilan Barong Bangkung www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A sensational find with outstanding historical provenance.

This very rare knife type remains in very fine condition throughout with only minor losses to some of the finer decorative silver sections.

Overall the length of this Balaraw is 34.5cms long in its sheath, out it is 32cms long with a blade length of 21.5cms.

From a historical standpoint, this knife is at the heart of the First Philippine Republic.

The inscription surrounding the Seal of the First Philippine Republic translates to "Justice of the Peace of Cabatuan, Iloilo". From this I have not delved further into historical data to obtain personal details of this individual. It can be noted from this inscription, that this was a man of rank, a head officer from the town of Cabatuan, likely a judge presiding over the area, or possibly a police chief. As colleagues have noted, Cabatuan was one of the first towns to revolt which ultimately lead to independence and was also a major blacksmithing town.

With reference to the long established black smithing trade within Cabatuan, where this blade is concerned, it has been expertly forged and finished. The left face is flat typical of swords from the region, the right face has a raised central ridge running from the block forte to the needle tip.

The Hilt is dressed in thick silver which has been expertly formed over the tapering octagonal grip with four of the eight faces embellished with large diamond shaped silver sections.
The sheath is made from the same timber as the grip and most of its surface is covered with silver dress to the front, with the rear absent of any decorative features, other than the ends and a central strap.
The front face displays the afore mentioned Officer of Cabatuan presentation surrounding the Seal of First Philippine Republic and supported by a floral wreath. Below are engraved decorative floral panels amongst plain decorative strapping. All silver fittings to the sheath between the throat and drag are secured with silver tacks.

A very rare and beautiful Philippine dagger type with desirable provenance.

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