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A large Luzon sword
Puņal de kriss
Heavy silver dressed fighter

A large Luzon sword Puņal de kriss Heavy silver dressed fighter moro barong kampilan bangkung www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A large and rare silver dressed Luzon Kris with Serpent eyes within the forte.

This is quite and interesting example of the type. A functional fighting sword with good heft and balance, silver collars over a carved horn grip, a functional brass cross guard and a broad Naga Kris blade with serpent eyes at the forte of one side.

Overall this example is just over 65cms long. Its blade length is 51cms long. The blade has not been cleaned or etched as it commonly found, yet it does show good, laminated sections along the wavy cutting edge and we do expect this to grade up considerably if etched. Our only concern in doing so would be what impact it may have on the darkened recesses on the forte that give the blade the characteristics of serpent eyes.

Speaking with learned colleagues about the presence of snake heads and eyes on Luzon weapons, be it their hilts and pommels, the scabbards or in this rare instance the blade itself, I have been pointed to the legend of the Moon eating serpent called Laho in Tagalog mythology.

Overall this is an excellent example in very good condition.

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