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Chinese Nationalist Airforce dagger
A fine complete Kuomintang Officers dagger
A very rare example, 1937-1945

A very rare Chinese Kuomintang dagger A fine KMT Officers dagger sword jian dao sabre www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare original Chinese Kuomintang Officers dagger.

This is a dress dagger that was approved for wear by officers of the Chinese Nationalist Air Force at the time of the Sino-Japanese war of 1937-1945.
The type was both finely and crudely made, with a great deal of variation apparent among surviving examples, this example is one of better quality.

This rare Nationalist dagger measures approximately 37.5cms long in its sheath, 33.5 out, and has a blade length of 21cms.

The blade is a double-edged nickel-plated steel blade. The grip is fabricated from a thick bronze coloured celluloid, with fire rows of wire wrap. The head of the eagle has red glass eyes. There is a great variation in these daggers. The variations include length, colour of grip and the quality of the casting. The scabbards also vary considerably, mainly in colour and the motifs seen within the fittings. This example has a light bronze coloured scabbard that matches the grip section, and the throat displays the roundel of the Republic of China Airforce.

A very good quality and complete example of a rare WWII period Chinese Nationalist Airforce Officers dagger.

Relisted due to a client being unable to receive this item in his country.

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