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French Navaja for Spanish market
A fine clean example
Strong lock, robust blade

French Navaja for Spanish market A fine clean example Strong lock robust blade klinge couteau dolch dague www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine large example of the French made Navaja for the Spanish market, mid to late 19th century.

When open this folding knife measures 43cms long, closed it is 23.5cms long.

Of classic French manufacture coupled with the bold Spanish blade shape of the Zaragoza Navaja, these knife types make quite an impressive visual impact.

France became a major exporter of these and other knife types with numerous manufacturing centres in competition with each other and for the attention of Spanish buyers who well received the French made examples as they were often made better and cheaper and the import skirted manufacturing laws within Spain that at numerous times prevented manufacture of lockable blades.

This large example displays the classic acid etched antler grip slabs and classic French flair seen in the decorative brass work.
The most sought after feature though, was the very strong ring lock. This locking mechanism had absolutely zero play within, offering a very firm fixed blade feel in the hand.

A very fine, clean, and large example displaying the pinnacle of French Navaja manufacture.

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