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Shuang Jian
A good pair of Chinese swords
Circa 1900

Shuang Jian dao sabre saber A good pair of Chinese swords Circa 1900 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Double Chinese short swords of good quality and condition.

These duanjian measure 60cms long in their scabbard, 55cms out, and have a blade length of 41cms.

Whilst the blades are very functional and of a strong diamond cross section and high tensile strength, swords of this type are reputed as having a long tradition of gifts to dignitaries and visitors and may also take on a spiritual role in one’s home.

These shuang Jian are dressed in a faux turtle shell veneer over a timber scabbard, timber which has been painted with a soft yellow pigment prior to covering.
The visual effect is one of a subdued orange and brown turtle shell colouring, and when coupled with the bats and longevity symbols within the brass fittings on both the scabbard and hilts, it is befitting symbolism for blessings of strength and long life.

Not to discard the practical side of these swords, they do very much remain functional, and this pair have much thicker grips than are normally found on the type. It is the depth in which they sit within the hand that makes for a very strong and full grip when held and it is likely they served a dual purpose during the turbulent times nearing the end of the last imperial dynasty.

A good functional pair that remain in very good condition for their age.

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