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A very rare Patani Keris
Pandai Yahya 9 luk Saras
ex personal collection

A very rare Patani Keris Pandai Yahya 9 luk Saras Kelantan Malaysian Ternegganu Perak Kedah ex personal collection www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good and completely original antique Patani keris by Pandai Yahya.

In it's sheath, this example measures 48.5cms long. Out is measures 44.5cms long and carries a 35cm blade.

As seen within the images, the hulu have suffered a clean break through the base that has been repaired at some point in its life. Apart from this minor issue, the hulu remains in perfect original condition throughout with no loses or chips to the dorsal fin or beak which is quite common for this upright Perkaka hulu.
the hulu sits within a fine old brass pendokok, of a type known to these northern regions. The motifs within the outer edge appear to be the Bunga Tanjung flower motif which is also seen within the cheeks of the famous Hulu Tajong from Patani.

The blade displays clean crisp details within the base, showing the unique design elegance Pandai Yahya was famous for.
The blade shows considerable age, has a good tensile strength, and remains quite sharp in places. Its surfaces have been cleaned.

The dress is in near perfect condition and the timbers chosen are of a fine quality.

A fine rare old Malaysian peninsular keris from a famous Pandai.

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