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Buddhist ritual implement
Sacred Kangling trumpet
19th century artifact

Buddhist ritual ceremonial implement Sacred Kangling trumpet 19th century artifact www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A lovely Tibetan Kangling, Buddhist trumpet from the 19th century.
At 31cms, this is a slightly larger example of a Kangling.
The Kangling is a unique musical instrument that is used in Tantric Buddhist Rituals to drive away evil spirits and would customarily be part of a Buddhist ritual kit.
This fine example displays a wonderful old patina. The knuckle end is covered in old leather, most of the remaining bone is covered in silver wire and ends in a decorative nickel silver mouth piece with brass insert that was once displayed stone or coral, now missing.
Both ends retain the original ring suspension rings and the original leather shoulder strap.
A very rare and complete piece of genuine Tibetan Buddhist antiquity.