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Bhutan sword
High quality important sword

Bhutan sword High quality important sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A stunning sword from Bhutan with repousse silver fittings.
This fine example measures 83cms long in its scabbard, approx 80cms out with a blade length just under 68cms.
The silver work on this example is very striking and extremely well executed on all surfaces. To the front panels of the scabbard's fittings there are two five clawed dragons, one on each fitting. The dragons are seen writhing through broken clouds and are surrounded with checkered and floral borders.
The reverse of these fittings show mountains, clouds and auspicious symbols.
The hilt again shows important Bhutanese symbology and key relief patterning.
The blade is a thick heavy fighting type with a prominent hairpin pattern.
To the hilt is attached a very old fabric auspicious endless knot.
A very rare sword. With the bearing of five clawed dragons and many important auspicious symbols, is mostly likely unique and made for a person of high importance.

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