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Moro spear
twist core
Datu presentation spear
Superb quaility

Moro spear twist core Datu presentation spear Superb quaility www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A long time part of our personal gallery collection.

A stunning early and unique spear from the Philippines, a release from our personal collections.

The highlight of this particular spear is the wonderfully controlled twist core pattern seen on the spear head.
To further set this aside from other spears found with twist core patterning is the inscriptions seen to one side and talismanic markings to both sides near the tip.
Whilst research is on going on this piece, my thanks to members of the Viking Sword community for directions with translations.
At this point the inscriptions indicate this spear as a presentation piece from one Datu to another Datu, be it a gift or of sorts a change of guard, thus far it is not certain.
Overall the spear is 2.72m long with the head being 46cms long and the collar being just under 23cms.
The timber shafts tapers to the base where original butt cap with iron rings is seen, a feature often lost or never seen on spears of this region.
A complete and unique example of a seldom seen Moro spear form.

This spear was the property of Master Gunnery Sergeant George Pelletiere, US Marine Corps, who fought in the Battle of Guadalcanal during WWII

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