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A fine Keris Panjang
Sumatra to Northern Malaysia

A fine Keris Panjang Sumatra to Northern Malaysia kris hulu pamor chief sword blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A recent release from our personal collection, a fine, rare and near complete Keris Panjang.

This long Chief or status Keris Panjang measures 72.5cms long in its sheath, 70cms out and has a blade length of 59cms.
The hilt or Hulu in native terms, is a carved horn type with a very simple silver cup or pendokok. The hilt itself is of a very rare form seen in Zonneveld. The Curved form is very comfortable in the hand and sits atop of an integral octagonal faceted base. The design resembles the crowns seen on many fine Atjeh/Aceh weapons, typically worn Chiefs or headsman.
The blade is a well forged example with very sharp edgeds and a full point. It is both supple and strong.
The blade is dressed in a form typically seen from Northern Sumatra through to Patani in Northern Malaysia with this example likely being from the Northern Sumatra regions of South East Asia.

A fine and collectable Keris Panjang.

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