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An extremely rare dagger
Northern Sudan, Kordofan
exceptional Rhino hilt
19th century

An extremely rare dagger Northern Sudan Kordofan exceptional Rhino hilt 19th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A release from our personal collections.

A very rare type of African dagger with an exceptional Rhino horn handle.

In it sheath, this dagger measures 41cms long. Out it is just under 41cms long and has a blade length of 27.5cms.
The hilt is of the shape seen on ancient bronze age Persian short swords with Bifurcated Pommels.
The blade is of elliptical double edged form. It is heavily incised to both sides, with each side showing a distinct variation in geometric patterns.
The leather work on the scabbard is of the highest quality with the best materials chosen.

A very rare and complete example of the type.

Please note, all items with the Gallery page are examples from my personal collections. These items are not currently offered for sale but are sometimes released to the For Sale page as tastes and items vary.

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