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Maori walking cane
Finely carved & inlayed
early 20th century

Maori walking cane Finely carved early 20th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine early 20th century carved walking cane from New Zealand in Maori style.

This cane measures 92cms long and 4.5cms wide across its handle.
The timber is a beautifully patterned type of New Zealand native timber.
Below the bulbous handle is 20cms long section displaying Maori designs and Tiki like faces. Each face has round Paua shell inlay eyes and a protruding tongue.
The shaft tapers gently to the base where an old original, long steel and brass ferrule remains intact. The steel tip of the ferrule is approx 1cms long with the ferrule being 4cms long.

A very nice and well priced example of a Maori influenced walking cane likely made for the local or European market.

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