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Sadap, Borneo 19th century, High Status Sadap

Sadap, Borneo 19th century, High Status Sadap www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An extremely rare and superbly crafted Sadap of the highest quality
Tip to tip this rare sword measures 75cms.
The finely carved timber hilt is covered for the most part with super fine and raised silver work, excuted with the finest details.
Where the blade meets the hilt, the octagonal forte is expertly carved steel approx 27mm wide showing fine chevrons and deep multi chanel fullering with what appears to be leaves opening outward as if growing a blade. The forte narrows to 20mm where it kicks up at what many would consider an unusual angle, though typical for this type of sword.
Each side of the blade has one large and 5 small fullers running the entire length. Also present is gold dot inlay and native designs carved between these dots. The spine also has double fullers running the entire length. The entire blade shows fabulous laminations and in particular, near the forte, the laminations are extremely fine as often seen on famous Samurai swords
A very rare, heavy and fearsome headhunters weapon of the highest quality.

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