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A fine Afghan Sabre
Kilij style blade

A fine Afghan Sabre Kilij style blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine example of a 19th century Afghanistan fighting sword.

This heavy sabre measures just under 85cms long. The blade length is 72cms long.
The hilt entirely blackened as would have been the scabbard if present as seen on examples within the SOLD page. This blackening of fittings was a necessary measure to stop sunlight shining off metal ware that would reveal a person's whereabouts under the harsh sunlight of the region.
The quillons of this sabre are a more unusual variant being a large dragon like mouth opening to reveal a hollow interior. Example are known to have a red fabric like twine sit within these openings, perhaps to resemble fire with the creatures mouth.
The heavy fighting blade is of good quality. It has an Indian block ricasso, a strong beveled cutting edge and a raised yelam and false back edge.

A fine example of an unusual variant of the Afghanistan sabre or Pulwar as it is sometimes referred to.

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