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A fine & rare Kukri
Nepalese fighter
Very rare guard varient
Very rare Stupa pommel
Chirra blade

A fine & rare Kukri Nepalese fighter with rare guard varient Stupa pommel Chirra blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare Nepalese kukri of fighting form.

This heavy fighting kukri measures just over 55cms long in its sheath and just under 55cms out. The blade measures 38cms long from the top of the bolster to the tip of the blade.
The hilt of this formidable weapon is of a known type that is of rare form. It is of genuine Nepalese manufacture, indicated by the long stupa pommel and the bolster of the type seen on Nepalese Kora.
The presence of a practical knuckle guard is likely European influenced but could just as well be directly influenced by the many Indian sabres found within the region. The presence of the very large disk pommel suggests this.
The grip's surface is decorated with engraving placed in geometrical formations. The knuckle bow is also engraved. The disk pommel and oval quillon block or guard show scalloped edges and toward the knuckle bow on the guard are two fang like protrusions.
The blade is of the desirable chirra type with multiple fullers. To the forte in an engraving not unlike the kaudi in design but reversed/facing upwards.
The sheath is of a typical type being black leather over a timber inner. The back of the scabbard, towards the tip has opened up like so many Kukri do.

A fine and rare fighting Kukri from Nepal.

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