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Massive Moro Kampilan
of High Nobility,
ultra rare complete example

Kampilan, Massive Moro Kampilan of High Nobility, ultra rare complete example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An unique example of a massive Moro Kampilan of high status, attributed to the late US general of Armies, J.J.Pershing.

Measured out of the finely carved scabbard this piece is 116cms long with a very nicely laminated and inlayed blade of 87cms blade. This overall length places this piece at approx 20cms longer than the typical known Kampilan.
The massive and superbly carved hilt and guard remain in outstanding condition, workmanship that can be most appreciated in the viewing of the images rather than written descriptions.
Two most uncommon aspects seen on the hilt area is that of the double iron guard where a single guard is normally seen and also that of 2 Tiger Bells type A and 2 Bells type unknown hanging from the guards. For detailed data on Tiger Bells, please views Elly Hemmes and Fekke de Jager's home page, http://park.org/Guests/Tiger/welcome.htm
Page 57 & 58 of Robert Cato's work "Moro Swords" describes at length the Kampilan scabbard, ranging from the plain pedestrian style mostly seen through to the scabbards of nobility that show decorative sectioning, are "rectangular" in profile that are magnificent coverings that have been artistically decorated with intricate okir carvings throughout as is clearly the case here.

Currently being updated to include supporting data about the inaccuracy of details seen on the collection tag of this Pershing Kampilan through the direction and information provided by Mr Bob Fulton.
It is through this information provided and foot work done by Mr Jeff Pringle that it is very highly propable that this Kampilan is that of one of the three or four Datu's who lost their lives at the battles of Bayan & Pandapatan cotta (1902) and likely as mentioned on the tag, that is was from the Pandapatan Datu himself and was part of the Pershing collection.

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