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A rare set
Naga axe and Belt
Naga Dao
Fine shell decoration

A rare set Naga axe and sword Naga Dao Kachin Burma Burmese Assam fine shell decoration www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare set, Naga axe and belt.

Often found on their own, this early Naga axe comes complete with its shell encrusted belt and sheath.
The axe stands 71cms tall. The broad head sits atop of a bamboo shaft that is 53.5cms long. It is resin set along its long tang in to the end of the bamboo shaft which is rattan and pitch bound which ends in an iron collar.
The metal axe head is approx 7cms wide and on its face, various punch marks and two crescents can be seen.
To the opposite end of the shaft there are the matted hair protrusions that make these weapons so famous.
The belt in itself is a fine work of tribal art.
The central wooden sheath displays native motifs and various red and black plugs of hair to its sides. Across the middle is a double wire which would keep the axe in place; however there is a small amounts of wood loss at this point. Atop of the timber sheath is a single "U" shaped wire insert, likely used to suspend the belt at home when not in use.
To either side of the sheath are hard shaped leather belts that are embossed with hundreds of tiny shells.

A fine and seldom seen set of Naga artifacts.

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