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A very fine Sewar
Northern Sumatra
Ivory grip, silver dress

A very fine Sewar Northern Sumatra Aceh Ivory grip silver dres Tumbok Lada koro batak Sumatra sewar kerambit Large ivory hilt Strong blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


This very fine Sumatran Sewar with ivory and silver hilt remains is exceptional condition throughout.

This seldom seen type measures 33cms in its sheath, 32.5 out and has a blade length of 25cms to the silver covered bolster.
The hilt is a nicely aged and finely carved example of simple design, typical to the knife type. The hilt and bolster are wrapped in a fine silver dress which display native design motifs and tooling.
The blade is a simple slender forward curving type akin to the Sumatran rencong.
The timber sheath is also decorated in silver panels, each displaying a simple native repousse design.

A very fine and seldom seen example of the type.

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