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Chinese broad sword
Niuweidao or
Ox tail sabre
A massive example

Chinese broad sword Jian Tiger Niuweidao or Ox tail sabre A massive example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very finely restored Niuweidao or Chinese broad sword.

This sabre, in its scabbard measures 107cms long. Out it is 103cms long and have a blade length of 81.5cms.
The base of the blade is 4cms wide and 1cms thick through the spine. The blade broadens through to the tip and is 6cms wide at the belly.
The sword retains its original grip wrapping and is finished in thick steel fittings and a large steel cup guard, all with japanned surfaces.
The blade is in semi bright polish. Its edges are very sharp and a large rampant dragon is found on both sides of the forte.
The spine flat through the forte and changes to a medial ridge through to the tip.
The scabbard is original to the sword. It has been bound in leather and fitted with new bespoke fittings with the throat fitting being original to the sword.

A fine sword throughout, perfectly restored and of a rare size and quality.

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