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Rencong, Akar Bahar hilt,
Kelling Hall collection,
board 2, number 14

Rencong Akar Bahar hilt Kelling Hall collection board 2, number 14 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare example of a Rencong with an Akar Bahar Hulu Meucangge hilt, being a nice old and unusual Rencong variant, Northern Sumatra, Kelling Hall collection.

Measuring just over 43cms in the scabbard, just under 35cms out with a blade length excluding the bolster/stem ring of 23cms.
The blade is slender with a downward curve, it is little over 7mm thick in front of the stem ring and is approx 13mm at the hilt. The blade shows a single long scarf weld to one side being along the spines edge.
The Hulu meucangge hilt is of black coral known as Akar Bahar. The coral shows beautiful natural fire reds throughout. Where the natural stems have been removed to obtain the hilt shape, the lower part gives the impression of two large black eyes looking out from the hilt.
The scabbard throat remains full and intact and shows nice old carved decorations. The scabbard shows small ink decoration to three places on one side and a single design to the reverse.
A very rare and fine example of an old Akar Bahar hilted Rencong.

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