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A Borneo Pedang
in rare Murat dress
A rare early combination

A Borneo Pedang Iban parang headhunters sword sabre in rare Murat dress A rare early combination www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Iban Pedang with a heavy hilt and very fine and sharp blade, found in a Murat scabbard typically associated with the Pakayun.

The sword measures 86cms long in its scabbard. Out it is 82.3cms long and has a blade length of 70cms.
The heavy brass hilt offers a very comfortable grip and a perfect counter balance to the thick blade. Its surfaces display a very fine and warm old patina with a deep rich green patina.
The blade fits perfectly within the scabbard and it likely to be a true and early marriage of cultures, be it through trade, policy or otherwise.
The blade is 8mm thick at the base and carries a razor sharp edge for near the entire length. Each face of the blade has two narrow fullers, the lower of the two running for most of the blades length.
The blades edge displays a very clear inserted edge with Harmon like characteristics.
The scabbard is carved timber, both carved and dyed and bound in metal fittings. The throat is carved and a simple carved motifs sits below the opening.

A fine example of the Borneo Pedang that displays cultural influence from neighbouring regions.

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