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Malaysian Lading Terus
Possible Borneo connection
Borneo Sadop features
Large hippo tooth hilt
A very rare dagger
Broad blade

Malaysian Lading Terus Borneo Sadop beladau lawi ayam Karambit A very rare dagger Large hippo tooth hilt Broad blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare and seldom encountered Malaysian dagger called a Lading Terus.

This fine knife is of a form, most often labelled as a Borneo Sadop amongst collectors, mainly due to various features and those images noted in Zonneveld's work as Sadops. The confusion and association is easy adopt, but with the help from study completed by experienced collectors along with early texts and images by Gardner, this example is classified as a Lading Terus. The presence of a large hippo tooth hilt and repousse lotus motifs also further points to Malaysian origins.
As noted, the hilt is Hippo tooth/ivory, and a very large broad section. The hilt surfaces have developed a very fine and deep caramel coloured patina throughout. The forked pommel has some resemblance to a fishes tail, whilst the grip section is carved with unusual asymmetrical rings.
It is free from loss, cracks or damage.
The blade is a broad double edged type. it has a thick flat cross section with clear bevelled edges and pamor like qualities within the steels surfaces.
The sheath is a timber core with a Hippo ivory throat section and tail. The main portion of the sheath is covered in a repousse metal cover. The metal is very unusual in that it has a gold lustre and without blemish or tarnish but is not of gold, most likely an auspicious silver & gold alloy. The decorations on both sides of this covering are those of Lotus buds/fruit. None of the actual plants depicted appear to be flowers.
The dagger measures 27cms long in its sheath, 23cms long out and has a blade length of 13cms and a width of 4cms.

A very fine and rare dagger of high status or rank.

Ex personal collection

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